G e n o m e t r i

About us

We are a spin-off company from the National University of Singapore. The company has developed many online and offline solutions using patented design technologies. We have expertise in generative design, genetic modelling (www.genoform.com) , colour selection and colour scheming (www.genopal.com).

Contact us

For sales     :  sales@genometri.com
Information  :  info@genometri.com


Genometri Pte Ltd.
55 Market Street
Level 10 (or #10-00)
Singapore 048941

fax: +65 65213001


Genometri Pte Ltd.
2 Witta Wirra Way
Eden Hills
SA 5050

tel +61 (0) 401192100


Genometri Pte Ltd.
109 Asci Drive
MA 01201

tel +1 413 822 0566

Partner with us

If you are a web development company who wish to use our service to support you clients needs. Pls contact us.